The important of decorating!

Painting and decorating is the most important element for a general renovation of environments, in addition to giving a sense of cleanliness and new.

Color in every home is a fundamental element, able to characterize, together with the furnishing, the style and the personality of the environment. The various shades and different color choices can give a room a special touch, making it warm and welcoming, cheerful and lively or colder, refined and elegant.

There are two classes of colors: hot and cold ones. The former, including red, pink, orange and yellow, are associated with the light of the sun and its color and are suitable for reviving a small, dark room and making it more welcoming. The latter – green, blue, purple and blue – evoke snow, ice, sea and sky, and are the colors to choose to create a peaceful and airy environment in which to relax comfortably.