A Few Word About Me

Great Attention To Detail


I started to work as Painter and Decorator in 2000 as part time job. luckily I found a craftsman who transfer me the passion for the decoration.

As a result, I learned his skills on high end architecturally designed homes. I have worked on some truly brilliant projects over there.

In 2007 I decided to start to work as an artisan and start up my own business, giving me the opportunity to express my creativity.

In 2013 I moved to Bristol and I worked on many successful projects in the South West area. I started working in partnership with few company in a beautiful buildings like The General In Bristol, The Italian Kitchen, Pump Room, Roman Bath, Bath Spa University, Cranmore House, Corsham Court and more…..

Over 20 years of experience as a professional decorator allow me to “feel” the spaces and propose their transformation in harmony with the client, be it the person concerned or the professional who take care of the project.

Many kinds of possible decoration to view and materials to choose from: traditional, inexpensive, refined, natural, organic, etc. Art and technique, dream and reality … for me another opportunity to seek beauty, for you or your customers the pleasure of living it .

In conclusion I am constantly bringing walls to life with my unique finishes, amazing textures, decorative paints and more guile and illusions than you can imagine!

I apply decorative plasters and paints to make the interior of your living spaces unique to you, stylishly decorated and furnished with the taste of your own creativity.

I pay close adherence to health and safety legislation, ensuring that all work complies with current industry standards and are fully insured, with public liability insurance.